Yesterday was my devRant birthday.. completely forgot about it >_< should probably make a Facebook account with 12-06-2016 as its birthday.. or to bypass the age filter, 2000 :') then I'll never forget about it again, just like everyone else's birthdays! One more reason to not delete Facebook :v

Anyway, damn man.. time flew by fast! Last year I was still preparing for my move into this apartment.. packing bags, getting all insecure about how the hell I'm supposed to cook for myself and shit. Whereas nowadays it's pretty much like "eh, I'll cook some macaroni no problem".

But this is devRant, not cookRant :v so yeah.. this platform. I really liked it when I joined here, it was like this bastion of uncluttered dev thoughts and frustrations and it was love at first sight.. especially considering that they use the same Comfortaa font that I use everywhere too. Oh and the Black theme.. god bless trogus for making that gorgeous black theme <3

Not that there aren't any features lurking here and there in the app.. you know, "features" but for something that's been created by just one dev and a designer that have jobs too, I've been very impressed. Keep up the good work! This platform is amazing.

As for me.. well last year I grew a beard and started wearing my suit very often (well more like a blazer but suit seems more "suit"able :v). For the foreseeable future I've shapeshifted into C0D4 though.. just to confuze y'all :v

Thanks for having me in this awesome community guys <3 I really enjoy being here. Here's to another year++! :D

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