In the end of May, I sent a quote for a website to an agency, with a deadline of 60 work days (mon~fri) so I could work everything out and develop custom code etc. It got approved and I started working on it.

Today they sent me a message asking me if the website's ready for deploying tomorrow (!!!), because they told their client they'd be able to launch tomorrow and now they don't want to extend the deadline.

I don't know how bad they are at counting days or remembering things, but I want to smack'em with a damn baseball bat as hard as I can.

Tbh, I'm almost jumping off the stairs on purpose to see if I can break a leg and get more time.

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    Isn't it unusual to say 60 days and mean 60 working days? I normally quote my clients in weeks / months so there is no confusion because I would take 60 days to mean 2 months
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    @hcaz most of my clients always ask for it in days, so I offer in days

    I'd prefer to just go and say "it's 3 months, minimum" :/
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    @hcaz also, I like to explicitly say "working days: mon~fri (exclude holidays)", so people won't bug me on weekends, because it happened...and it totally sucked
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