One negative about having devRant stickers on laptop and wearing devRant shirt to work in Europe.

Now my bosses are reading devRant :|

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    Go back to work!
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    This is why I've told some of my professors about the app but haven't told them the name of it.
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    @jschmold They don't call me "The Dictator" for nothing.
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    Maybe when they start seeing that most Devs have the same experience with management they'll change their ways
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    The first rule of devrant is...
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    ahahha! Love the meme is so true!
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    Search for Conference at EU and boom 🤔
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    Why is this specific to Europe?
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    😂😂😂😂 I think my boss(es) would be happy with my rents here.. a bliss compared to my real life hissyfits 😂😂😂😂😂
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    You don't talk about the fight club
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    Because this is where my bosses live, and where I met them. So it isn't specific to Europe, it is just where I was when I met my team.
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    Everyone who ++'s this rant or comments on it is a suspect! Only a matter of time I think until one of my colleagues finds me on here :D :D
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