So i'm a beginner trying to learn machine learning, i've been studying python by the last 6 weeks or so, my 3rd try on learning code (1st tried Java: got bored then 2nd tried Kotlin: didn't know what to do 99% of the time, got stressed) and then i had the brilliant idea to make my first ML script a sentiment analysis one... from scratch... you know what happened.
I'm trying something easy tomorrow.

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    I think you put the bar to high from the start, you should learn "everything" about a language before touching machine learning. Machine learning is basically the endgame.
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    @RantSomeWhere yeah i'm aways finding that the hard way hahaha, the top looks so much prettier than the bottom ;-;
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    @Stocken my anxiety says starting from the endgame is the best choice ahahah i will try to learn python more deeply now, thanks
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    If you manage to do something on the top without knowing what comes before, how do you even trust the outcome of what you've done?
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    @BigBoo i haven't thought about that, thanks for the advice
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    Here, take a look at this


    Follow every chapter and you'll understand better the language.
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    @antorqs i'll look into that, thanks
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