How am I supposed to review code that the developer claims is finished and all the tests pass when:

It won't even compile (137 compilation errors)
There are Itegers (What the fuck is an Iteger?)
There are no tests

This is supposed to go intro production tomorrow and this scares me.

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    Devs like that piss me off - if it’s not done just say so!
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    My code passes all of the 0 tests! I'm done! And it's Tuesday already, might as well take an early weekend, I've earned it!
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    Must’ve never actually ran their own code. You sure this is actually a developer?
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    - Works for me!
    - But it won't even compile!
    - Oh, forgot to push my changes

    Hate. Hate. Hate.
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    @arjaycodes makes you wonder doesn't it
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    This is why you never let anyone push to the main branches
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