Just got that PS2 fully working again, playing some GTA Vice City.. and found a "feature" in it while I had ⭐⭐.. turns out that those cops can't exit roads when I'm on a vehicle 😂

So now I'm watching them kill themselves by crashing into each other, all chill n cool 😎

They seem to be about as competent as the real police 🙃

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    Ahhh the days of my PS2. That was the last time I owned a console gaming system.

    Good times.
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    Now I want to play too, but I lost my PS2 controller and have to buy one or two new ones.
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    @IllSlapU you're not the only one.. I destroyed mine during disassembly 😅 apparently Sony didn't want me to open the connector on it 😥 so it got broken while attempting to do the inevitable... If only they didn't use a proprietary connector, I could've soldered on a new one 😢

    Luckily I still had some PS1 controllers laying around 😁
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    I still have my PS2 slim just need some new controllers and memcards
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    Good ol' PS2! I remember playing Kingdom Hearts on it when I was younger
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