Finished with final exam. I'm so happy! 😍😍

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    I completed mine in 2013.
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    you can NOT sleep tonight no matter how hard you try
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    @gsn16 who TF tries to sleep after finishing the last exam?
    After I finished mine, I started drinking until 6 am.
    After that, you don't have to "try to sleep", but to "try not to sleep in a corner of the club/pub/whereverYouAreDrinkingAt" 😂
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    @taglia try to not sboccare
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    @vanz try to survive the classic "una birretta e torno a casa", but after 4 liters it is already 6am and "occazzo ho appuntamento fra due ore e devo ancora fare la doccia, ma prima ancora.. trovare la strada di casa".

    .. And you end up doing breakfast with beer and croissant. 😂
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    @taglia la colazione dei campioni ahahah
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