One day my computer science teacher (we were working with Raspbery Pi) gave us the assignment to fill some areas with blocks in Minecraft PI using a Python script.
Me: Why did you use a while loop instead of a for loop?
He: What is a for loop?

From this moment the class was mostly held by me and it was actually quite a lot fun :).

I still am quite frustrated about the quality of german computer science classes.

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    And everyone stood up and clapped.
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    @Alice just an example of the bad level of education in cs, didn't want to glorify myself :/
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    Never ever had one. That's probably why I suck at programming.
    Closest thing was physics lab instruction at university, where we had to write mostly in Maple!
    (Oh, memories. Maple was so slow we switched to PAW, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/... man was that fast, then doing the experiments we even had to use LabVIEW and maybe also some Matlab. Now still meeting so many physicists in my profession.)
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    @phorkyas Well, most of my programming was self taught over years from the internet and some friends, cs didn't really help. But I think it is also about at what age you start (I did around 13/14yrs with Excel Scripts lol), at least that's what I often got told. I think you'll never stop learning :)
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    @phorkyas Sorry, a bit off topic. But I could add the anecdote of a CS student here in Germany who aced an oral exam in a in complicatated, theoretical subject, and they wanted to give her a position at the institute, but she had to let it pass because she never learnt to program! (Around 12 years ago, hope CS got better here!)
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    @phorkyas Not really.. looking forward to a semester of HTML. fml
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    @RyanWig Same with me, really weird to make a living from something that is based on the tinkering with BASIC as a schoolboy.

    So keep it up(;
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    @phorkyas ;) its free good grades so i think i will survive
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    @RyanWig And if the papers help you find a job, why not obtain them....
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    Maybe you found something you could like as a job: teaching programming to people is a good thing in my opinion and that's what we need in Germany. Good teachers that like what they do.
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    @Alice and after they were done clapping everyone’s panties dropped and flooded the room. Then President Trump flew in on an Apache Helicopter and flew him to Arby’s and they both had a Roast Beef sandwich. The Trump appointed him National Secretary of For Loops.
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    I was fortunate to have a teacher in my 9th and 10th grade who taught me how to convert thoughts into code for a minor monthly fee. While everyone else bitched about having to learn coding, I thoroughly enjoyed it. :D
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    @deusprogrammer you missed your chance for a "can confirm, I was the script" or "and the teachers name? Albert Einstein." line and made it even less funny.
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    Don't be a cunt.... yeah... you
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    Sounds like bullshit to me. This "teacher" must know absolutely nothing about computer science or programming if he doesn't know what a for loop is... No way he could pass an interview.
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    @meladath maybe it was in high school not university?
    (Or he is a LISPer)
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    @smallearth thank you :)
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    @meladath It was in the german version of middle school so the standards are not very hight there.
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    @Alice I don’t know, I thought it was hilarious. National Secretary of For Loops is gold.
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    @RyanWig Oh. Right. Yeah... I can't even imagine programming being taught in school.. Times have changed! I wish I could have learned at school.
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