Anyone else hyped for Cyberpunk 2077?

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    I know movies get announced a year before, but 59? I hope that's a great movie then
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    I love this sort of aesthetic, and this game looks so fucking good. I might have to buy a new PC just to play it.
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    Waiting vids of the gameplay
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    if video games didn't kill my enthusiasm for them over the years i would be

    and seeing as this is fukin olllld i'm a lil worried it'll suk
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    @zlice except it's Projekt Red, the only known AAA company for giving a fuck about their games and customers. In one press conference on the game, when a journalist asked "when will the game be released", they answered something along those lines: "when it'll be ready to be released. We don't want to release unfinished games, unlike some other companies you may know about".

    They also made all DLCs and a lot of graphical patches for The Witcher 3 for completely free
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    @Artemix did not play witcher, or the supposed related cyberpunk games. hm maybe i'll have to go and do that. do kinda remember the "when it's ready" now that you mention it.

    i'm just so salty v-v i hope it's good as fuk
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    Looks too colorful, clean and sunny, not very cyberpunk-y. Hate it so far...
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    No. :P
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    @Artemix also they proved that drm is snake oil! 😍
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    Definitely! Looks amazing
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    Maybe the best trailer from this E3
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    I'm excited for the unannounced game by Rocksteady
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    @Artemix as apposed to their employees.
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