That'd be last year, on my first job as a registered employee.

After working years as a freelancer, and without a degree related to IT (I'm an advertising professional), kinda applied to the job and my application was accepted!

When I saw this, I had to spend the night learning how to use gulp, bower and AngularJS, since my JS experience was really small.

I did pass the test, he really recognized the effort, told me I did everything and even a bit more than requested and I was one of the two applicants that would be hired.

I really felt pround when I was told "we really like how your GitHub is mostly documented and well maintained, most applicants don't even care about it, some don't have a GitHub account".

After I got in, besides doing my AngularJS tasks, I did get mentored on how to code and think better, handling and developing APIs, better using Git and he also helped me get rid of all my doubts and fears about using Node.

Also, everyone on the IT dept. helped me get better with bits and pieces, and it really felt like the whole team kinda mentored me in some way.

Even though the job only lasted for 4 months, due to new CEO changing things, we still keep in touch and the CTO called me to do a really nice freelance job together.

Thanks to this job and his help, my React and JS skills really went up, and I could accept better jobs once I returned to the freelance route. :D

Sometimes I still have go down the PHP route (welp, money :/), but I'm forever thankful to the experience. :D

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