I will just leave this true and lovely sentence here:
Servers can run on Arch Linux.

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    But its still good idea to not do that in production. But you might be hardcore fan.
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    @Linux Dare I say, horrendous.
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    and everybody gonna hate you at the workplace. Because you'll going to annoy everybody with your desire for praise that you managed to get jesus fucking zomg A R C H Linux running on your company servers. "Hey guys did you know the awesome fact that our server runs ARCH Linux? Cool isn't it?"
    And if an update goes wrong and wipes all data you chuckle and get a fuzzy warm feeling "ah those muggles won't understand it, its arch the greatest thing on earth. this things are normal - no big deal"
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    @heyheni What about you read first comment ????
    Im 100000% for debian based system on server in company but when i have it home and not running something super important on it then Arch. Otherwise its debian.
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    Desktop, not important server = Arch
    Company server and etc = debian based
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    just trolling 😄
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    my hoster offers arch isos for self-installation.
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    @stop what hoster has that?
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    Arch on enterprise server is the l33test thing I've ever heard
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    @stop URL for iso? My first attempt to install arch linux failed.
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    @Condor Finally somebody who likes Arch as much as i do.
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    @Condor You have just earned a spot as my true friend with that comment
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    Knowing someone who runs a dedicated offshore, with Arch, and then numerous VM's, most of them also with Arch... this is true, viable and a quite strong solution!

    Some of his work servers, a VOIP infrastructure also runs on Arch..

    Leave awesomeness to awesome people. ;)
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