I was about to lose it yesterday.

C: "and on our website we want an AI chatbot that can answer common questions"

M: "that's not the same as AI sir, what we actually do fo-"

C: "no that's definitely AI, I've read up on AI. Are you so behind on the current developments?"

M: "actually AI is just a buzzword. Real AI is way more complex, an-"

C: "geez do I really have to be the guy here to teach you your job? Go read some articles on AI"

I got a colleague to deal with him after this.

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    Just drop him more buzzwords to impress and/or confuse 😅😅😅
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    What a cunt. Nice rant
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    This is why developers need sales people...
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    I wonder how your colleague dealt with him?
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    @Condor no no, that is run on the cloud using bitcoin :v)

    @banele he pretty much just said "sure top stuff m8, whatever you wanna call it" to everything

    @AlexDeLarge that's genious, keeping that one in my list of creative insults
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    Ask him which blockchain technology the AI chatbot should be integrated in
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    I usually just be like "That's wrong but how normal people would describe it, but okay, i know what you mean"
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    ^ that. Why on earth would you go into an argument by trying to correct the client?
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    Some if else magic and if it runs out just pipe the query to google assistant... :P
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    Just make a bunch of ifs and make him pay for a complex AI. Stupidity is tolerable to a certain extent, the moment stupidity refuses to he corrected is the moment you should take advantage of it, for he has sinned and there is no return.

    Edit: oh wait it's a old post. Damn you algo!
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    next time just ignore the bullshit part and repeat the sensible part:
    "we want an ai chatbot"
    "you want a chatbot? okay, we can give you a chatbot."
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    For such situations I've seen a nice T-Shirt quoting: "Your Mom" - Sigmund Freud
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