Can we change the end goal of active noise cancelling to "Cancels anything from the top40 charts"? That new shitter of a Kylie song has an irritating fucking OOWAOOWAOOOOO tone that repeats incessantly because OF COURSE IT FUCKING DOES, Modern chart music has to appeal to the lowest common denominator of knuckle dragging mouth breathing fuck tard or it doesn't sell.

Even worse, aforementioned banshee squeal is at a pitch that juuuuust escapes the noise cancelling on these AKG N60s, so every fucking 30 seconds it makes my blood pressure spike to dangerously unhealthy levels when the red mist floods in.

Google! Get on this shit! You can already identify what's playing around me on the pixel 2 make a set of headphones that cancel that with extreme prejudice and I'll buy 10 of the fuckers.

I'm off to try prevent a rage induced stroke now in a sound proof room.


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    @electric-ghost he does my fucking nut in, and then there's jezza vine every other day at lunchtime with a topic about shit, literal shit.
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    That's why I switched to Apple Music, hooray for streaming.
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