I was on a flight yesterday and I had my Bluetooth headset on me. As the flight was taking off, it happened to pick up what seemed like a cockpit conversation. It was pretty darn strange and kind of freaked me out. It kept me awake till we landed and has now messed up my sleep too.

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    You can't lead with that and not tell us what the conversation was about...😬
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    @hexc oh no it only lasted for about 30 seconds. From what I heard it seemed like aviation jargon. But that's not the point.

    The very fact that my headset picked it up is what disturbs me. I mean isn't it something that's not supposed to happen?
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    It is possible. That's why they tell to turn off wireless devices such as Bluetooth and walkie talkies throughout the flight.
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    139 head Mike Alpha via Zulu, contact Ground at 132.47
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    @bigus-dickus I wonder how many people have heard my conversations.

    I am freaked out now.
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    probably a YouTube ad.
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    @Condor whatever it was, it played over the music I was listening to. And was quite distinguishable.
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    @Floydian I wouldn't worry about people listening to some Pink Floyd.
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    @bigus-dickus haha that'd be a good thing
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    @Condor Aviation communication is absolutely unencrypted. Everyone if free to listen to it in most countries. The US allows free listening, but interference will land you in jail.
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    @Condor Do you live near Brussel?
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    do you have any silver fillings?
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    @Condor Well, here are some frequencies you can try.
    131.1 Brussels radar
    128.8 Brussels radar
    128.2 Brussels radar
    126.62 Brussels Departure
    121.87 Brussels Ground
    120.77 Brussels tower (often when RWY 02 is in use and for RWY 25R)
    118.6 Brussels tower (RWY 25L)
    118.25 Brussels approach
    121.1 Brussels final (not always in use)
    128.1 Paris radar
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    @c3ypt1c in reply to my old comment, i think this might be a long show but silver fillings could technically pick up radio frequencies? and then amplify them through your jaw to your ears. since airports use AM, it would be possible to pick up but not really understand?

    question marks becaude I'm not sure and it needs citation.
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    @c3ypt1c I do have a silver filling
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    @bigus-dickus well shit 🤔 someone with more scientific knowledge should disprove or confirm this.
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    ATC is UNENCRYPTED and be listened freely unless you don't intercept it.

    However, in some countries, it is illegal, such as Singapore.
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    @bigus-dickus You weren't listening to "Learning to Fly" by Pink Floyd? I mean, the speech wasnt part of the song was it? :p
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    @nightowl no it was a song from Journey that I'd already heard a million times before. Well, let's just say that whatever I heard was clear and distinct enough for me to recognize it as a cockpit convo.

    BTW the song was "Don't stop believing".
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    Listening to AM Radio with your filling is totally possible (at least in theory, can't say how easy conditions can be met in reality)

    In order to demodulate an AM signal you just need a rectifier and a low-pass filter. E.g. Amalgam fillings sufficiently work as a semicoductor providing rectification, and as teeth have way to much mass for vibrating with a frequency of several MHz we have our low-pass filter. Now we just need a strong enough signal with a frequency that will be picked up..

    That being said, it's more likely this process actually took place inside your headset (So-called parasitic demodulation ist actually a known issued with audio amplifiers). The headset certainly contains semicoductors providing rectification, and as audio circuits aren't designed for high frequencies we have some kind of unintended low-pass filters. Add some wire with the right length working as antenna, and a strong signal from the tower nearby, and there we have voices in your head(set).
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