When you're purposely keeping a GitHub repository private because your code is so awful 😌

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    For the record I think that's why Microsoft is delaying the release of windows source code.
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    @Billcountry that’s probably what all the win10 updates are. clean refactored code that nobody will judge them on, minus all the issues they’ve been creating.
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    I’m doing this too, but for different reason haha
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    Microsoft can see your shame...
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    Paying $7 monthly to hide your shame, well done
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    It's paid :0
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    Reminds me of the myth of the genius programmer . Most work in team of one or two, no code reviews, and unrealistic timelines. So obviously the clean code will quickly become spaghetti code.
    We devs need to change our thinking, let go of our egotistical self and try to learn n improve.
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    @uyouthe I get GitHub premium for free because I'm a student 😂 probably one of the main use of private repositories for university students.
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