I feel like setting something on fire and watching people burn again today.

Fuck the Deutsche Bahn sideways with a rusty ten foot pole until it bleeds to death, and while we're at it, kill everybody in the way and stomp on their useless, empty heads.

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    Whatd they do?
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    Savage o.O'
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    You don't like Deutsche Bahn? Hmmm. I woooonder why 🤔
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    *grabs popcorn and offers some to everyone* this probably will be good
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    @CoffeeNcode *Cheers!* (^^ ,)/` \_/`\{¶∆¶}
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    @BigBoo Glancing over that rhetorical question and answering straight away with just a few reasons why I fucking hate the DB:

    * they are way too expensive
    * they are intentionally allow double reservations and overbooking then brazenly cancel trains and stuff the money in their overfilled pockets making it hard or even impossible to get the refund you should get, without the shadow of a doubt
    * they make it nearly impossible to buy tickets at some stations, but at the same time thy send out hundreds of these criminal ticket inspector cunts, because they have their own collecting department that charges extra fees based on financial threats that are plain illegal
    * they are liars and usurers
    * they let everything go to shit, despite their unreasonable prices and have the state pay for their obvious neglect
    * they employ mostly absolute cunts
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    @BigBoo @JoshBent I think there are very few loved public transport companies.

    It's hard to compete commercially on rail, so companies tend to be state owned or commercial monopolies. They don't compete on quality of service, they're filled with strongly unionized grumpy old people, and there's very little incentive to meet targets other than those set by the government.

    Here in the Netherlands I don't even mind full trains or late trains — shit happens. But the lack of information during delays/problems is maddening... when something goes wrong due to weather, they usually just blank out information boards and let you run from platform to platform based on wild guesses.
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    @AlexDeLarge Oh wow that sounds like a special kind of evil.
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    @AlexDeLarge I never heard of double reservations with them. seeing that I happen to know that those are still saved on floppy disks, I have my doubts about that. did it happen to you? I'm genuinely curious
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    Good thing you're not using Bosnian's public transport. You would literally set people on fire and watch them burn. You wouldn't be able to contain yourself, I bet.
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    @XiovV have some popcorn and elaborate please
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    @CoffeeNcode It happened multiple times to me. It's not like, e.g. in Canada where you automatically reserve seats by buying tickets. The DB always knows how to squeeze another euro or two out of you. Fucking cunts.
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    @CoffeeNcode trams and trolleys are late all the time, especially trolleys, I can't fucking stand them. They are vandalised as fuck, falling apart and they look like massive pieces of shit. Lots of weird and drunk people in them too.
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    @XiovV Kind of like what De Lijn is here then.. busses. The shittiest, yellow on white light theme abominations of scrap metal out there that the government calls a vehicle. Every fucking one of them has those stupid fucking drawings of revenge call phone numbers ("I'm a bitch looking for D! Call me at 04xx.xxx.xxx") or dick pics so poorly drawn that it'd perfectly depict the drawer's, shit like that. And always late when you're early, and early when you're late. Particularly when you have to do transfers. Yet people wonder why sometimes bus drivers get beaten up.

    If only I could just get my fucking driver's license already...
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    I fucking knew it was you!!!
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    @AlexDeLarge Reserved seats on trains are pointless. Eg:

    Me: excuse me, this seat is reserved.
    CUNT: and?
    Me: this is the seat I reserved.
    CUNT: and?
    Me: will you get out of my seat please?
    CUNT: Fuck off!

    Went to speak to the guard.

    Me: Hi, I reserved a seat but somebody has taken it and is refusing to move.
    Useless twat: sorry, there’s nothing we can do.
    Me: but I paid extra for the reservation
    Useless twat: yes, but we can’t guarantee the seat is available
    Me: so what’s the point in reserving a seat?
    Useless twat: so that you know you have one.

    At this point, I stopped the conversation. At least the cunt wasn’t trying to make a point. Useless twat wanted to make a point, which was essentially you reserve a seat so that you know you have reserved a seat. Anything beyond that is pure chance.
    To get a train not knowing you definitely have a seat is just getting a train as normal.
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    It surprises me why won't private train companies spawn out of this, since if people are pissed and you're giving them an actual alternative, won't they flood you? or is it the same monopoly problem as in finland? @AlexDeLarge
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    @JoshBent private rail companies are not any better.

    The rail network in the uk was shit when it was nationalised, and it’s shit when it’s private.

    All the stations are owned by different companies and other operators need a license to use them.
    Stopping a train at a station owned by a different operator carries an extra charge, so sometime shorter journeys are more expensive just because the train isn’t stopping at its own company station .

    It’s so complex to manage and there are so many firms that it’s more about admin than transport. Private rail firms just spend more money on paperwork, and don’t actually improve the service.

    It doesn’t help that they can never decide who is responsible for fixing what...
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    @oudalally When you buy products at a shop, you can read reviews, decide which shop to buy from, and over the years you learn from good and bad experiences. Bad shops go out of business, good ones grow. If there's no good option, you could even import and start your own (web)shop.

    With infrastructure this doesn't work. What are you going to do? Build your own railroad? Earth's surface is pretty 2 dimensional, building two parallel networks is highly inefficient.

    In my opinion the infrastructure should be cooperatively/publicly managed, with any commercial party being able to license access — This works very well for ISPs and power companies. For rail it's still much more difficult, but public infra should be the basis.
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    @oudalally Do you honestly think a hatefilled bastard like me would just stand there and take the abuse? I've kicked people out of the train at the next station who tried to pull this shit on me. If the DB personnel is too fucking lazy, stupid and cowardly to do it, the least I have to fear is them.
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    @JoshBent @oudalally The private companies take parts of the railroad line that has been neglected by the DB or the ones they deem not profitable enough, as it seems, but every single private company in Germany that I went with so far does it orders of magnitude better than the DB which is not hard to begin with.
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    And as so often, I agree with @bittersweet.
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    @AlexDeLarge just be always careful what eyes are watching, have had stories with similar cunts calling the next station guards and causing drama just for a warning, usually better just getting close and making it clear he's going to merge that seat if he won't move.
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    @AlexDeLarge I guess the private companies just took the easiest way out to avoid conflicts then or maybe DB is somehow preventing them from expanding?
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    @JoshBent I don't know, but given the financial power and vested interests of the DB, I bet they are making it intentionally hard for other companies to break their monopoly.
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    @Condor not sure what the bus driver has to do with the vandalism outside of being a victim of blatant crime.. ok, some of the drivers get fed up with all the same things, react upon those meddling kids and then vice versa. I take that white/yellow abomination every day, as they occupy at least 2-3 hours of my day, where seats are mostly too straight to be comfortable, you have little to no leg room (for le me it's always cramped up), the seats often smell, there's a reason you're not allowed to eat or drink in those busses.. and the people... well however some of them are justifiably to be ignored and missing a chromosome, there's always this uncomfortable person with the same thoughts wandering through their window or sleeping throughout the ride. I bet Antwerp is worse than how I see it, but I know for a fact that BXL tops that shit any day xD

    I actually know some bus drivers personally, those people are quite down to earth, good people. Luckily ;D
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    @xewl you're absolutely right about the bus drivers being victimized by this vandalism as well. And in the countryside towns (I recall Herentals, Beerse, Vosselaar etc) the drivers are overall quite friendly. Got acquainted to a few too, but that was years ago... Near Antwerp (and all city hubs for that matter) they start to get really rude though. Multiple times I've had a bus driver just hit the pedal when I was zoning out and noticed the bus only right before they arrived, "because I didn't raise my hand". Or when I'm a little bit late and they are too, me 5 meters from the bus station and with clear signs they don't stop at the fucking bus station to pick me up. Motherfuckers.

    They are undersubsidized by the government, they are subject to vandalism, they are subject to.. people. But that doesn't mean that they should deem everyone as a potential criminal or a lazy cunt or whatever. Some people out there legitimately want to hop into that bus without causing any trouble. And then you have one of those assholes who just refuse to pick you up.. "didn't see ya", "you weren't exactly at the bus stop when I arrived", "you didn't raise your hand". Fuck those assholes.
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    @Condor Even in Mechelen I've had those and some other reasons slinged towards me. I do make note towards DL's support of such occurrences though, if you are an ass to me, I get a free pass to be it towards you too. That's life.
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    @bittersweet railways require far more maintenance and safety checking than a data network.
    Track wear is a major issue, as is station infrastructure and when different companies have responsibilities for different sections, they need to cooperate effectively.

    Railways generally don’t make profit. They operate at a loss as a public service.
    They can’t be run like a standard organization.

    What you’re suggesting is how they work in the uk. Rolling stock is out of date, electrification work has been postponed time and time again for 30 years, southern rail still can’t actually operate anything on time, northern rail is basically just not turning up and not telling anybody what’s going on, the infrastructure is falling apart and nobody wants to take responsibility
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    The simple fact is, mass transit is expensive to run.

    Vehicles are expensive to maintain, they require e a lot of fuel, and unless they are full, the fares generated from them don't cover the costs to run them.

    At peak times, they can make a bit of money, but that's lost with every single bus or train outside of peak hours that is almost empty.

    As everything is run as a business now, any company that runs a transport service wants to cut costs. So they buy cheap booking software that doesn't work, they push for subsidies then cut services, all to save some cash.

    The only people who lose out are the poor bastards who need to travel when the one train they can take is full because all the others have been cut.

    The full train leaves late, it's slow because of the number of passengers, it holds up other trains and the delay cascades.

    Public transport is simply not profitable, and can't be run as a business - it's a service.
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