Can someone please explain why every forum and tech news source talks about Rust? New database — in Rust. New algorithm — in Rust. New OS — in Rust. I thought everyone was hyping about python these days...

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    @AlexDeLarge is it similar to C?
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    @AlexDeLarge I’m just a student right now, self teaching myself how to program in Java off of online lessons and JavaDocs. (Plz no h8)
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    fuck python
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    bc pointers are just too hard for some ppl
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    In Rust, we trust.
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    @Skayo #fightme
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    @Skayo ❤️ python
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    Because rust is what c++ should have become by now
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    @AlexDeLarge @ribchinski

    Rust is also heavily pushed as THE frontrunner webassembly language by Mozilla, and for good reason. The resulting code is quite small and incredibly fast (currently >10x compared to JS in browsers), and Rust has a type system which makes Typescript/Flow feel like basic.

    Rust is very fast and stable compared to JS, it doesn't have a garbage collector, memory leaks are impossible, and code always runs in a predictable way.

    Rust has this thing called "zero cost abstractions" — no matter how you organize your code, the compiler will optimize it efficiently. You never have to write less readable code for performance reasons.

    Rust also has this thing called "fearless concurrency", where parallel code runs in a thread safe way. The type system effectively eliminates all race conditions. Mozilla is also working to enable true multicore parallelization for web assembly code.

    Finally, Rust is working hard on a toolchain where you can intermix npm packages and Rust cargo crates, compile and publish Rust to npm, and do things like import {function} from "rustfile.wasm" in JS.

    For all these reasons, the EmberJS frontend framework has already ported all its core engine code to Rust/wasm — and I can see more frontend frameworks doing this in the future.

    Rust will not replace JS, but I think it could eventually take up the #2 spot when it comes to frontend languages.
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    @AlexDeLarge Sadly there's nothing yet in their public repo, but they announced succesfully experimenting with it during EmberConf a few months back, and Mozilla's Lin Clark mentioned it as well (https://hacks.mozilla.org/2018/03/...)
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    @bittersweet alright, you make it sound pretty nice. Now I'm excited to check it out
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