My country spent 40 billion euros for building public online healtcare service website (where you can make appointments with doctors, follow treatments and etc.).

So, this morning I read an article that same website had security breach, so all residents data could be accessed (name, birthday, social security number) by anyone.

I wonder where all that money went to.

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    40 Billion Euros?

    Billion with a B? For a website/web app?
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    @Floydian oh fuck. No, I meant million 😂
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    @gintko Still a lot of money.
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    @Floydian yeah. You could do it for free, right? It sure would look good on your cv
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    Represent :D
    In theory we could sue the country/company that developed the software for the possible data that was breached and privacy lost, but thats debatable
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