I almost died once. Does that count?

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    Yep, I’d say it counts.
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    Does my birth count?
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    I'm using my 2nd out of nine lives.
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    So you mean that you lost 1 life outta 3? Be careful buddy, look for power ups!
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    Next comes the prove you are a poltergeist checkbox... Just to be sure 😋😂
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    Does dead from inside counts?
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    @const it does
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    Prefer not to answer
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    Well boss wanted another question, couldn't think of any better
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    I almost died of laughing 😂 🤣
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    Maybe they're checking who actually reads the questions in the survey and who doesn't.
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    I've died many thousands of times by accedent as super mario
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    @2Fdev2Ftcsh yeah but was it an accident? Sounds more like the whole world has it in for you Mario
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    If you answer yes, a captga should come up, it should be something like fly through the computer...
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    yes, it was called "starting to program".
    Started as an accident, cost me my entire previous life.
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    Well, clinical death can be recovered from, technically...(e.g. heart stops and is restarted soon thereafter)
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    Holy shit can't stop laughing..
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    Harsh question, but still counts XD
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