I have a team mate who's always late and I'm not talking about a few minutes but a few hours. We already have flexible hours but he's flexing it to the extreme. We are allowed to come to work between 1PM - 4PM or sometimes later than that if we have late testings or meetings. He often comes to work around 8PM, the worst one was 10PM.

Keep in mind that this is not a very good developer as well and has been escalated by the client and fellow developers multiple times so there really is no reason for him to keep his job. He drags other members' schedules along with him and they had to stay overtime and work longer hours because he has no one to work with on the last half of his shift. We developer interfaces so end-to-end testing is necessary.

After a few more escalations, he was able to come to work on the set time but me and my team members get triggered every time he asks if the set time is "the latest time" someone can go to work like it's fucking optional. I wonder how he's gonna feel if his pay comes in late. These kinds of employees are always hot on the payslip they don't even deserve.

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    Did you ever ask why hes so late all the time?
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    You come into work at 1-4PM? Do you work nights or something?
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    @zemaitis He always use the traffic as an excuse but he's been living there for months so he should know how much time he should allocate for commute. Sometime he would just text that he's just about to go to work at 5PM. What kind of effort is that?
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    @rutee07 Thats ace, where do I sign up?
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    @rutee07 On topic - if it is having a __DIRECT__ affect on the performance on you and your team members then you should simply tell him. If that is not the case and you're just bitching to bitch then stop.
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    @delegate212 As I said in the post, he was escalated several times, we talked to him several times with and without the manager. And yes, it has an impact on the team as I've said in the post as well. No one's bitching to bitch here and if someone is, this is DevRant after all. Are we not supposed to rant?
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