dont you love when you go to a site
DIRECTLY - to that site
and the first thing youre greeted with is an ad or email sign up - FOR THAT SITE?

what kind of fuking UI is that? what kind of marketing is that?

i just went to YOUR site. don't throw fuking ads and nonsense at me in some pop-up form where i can't interact with your page without clicking the "X" to close it.

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    Plus one or two banners prompting you to install the native app on mobile.

    Throw in the EU GDPR/cookie consent banners too.

    I love the web, but it's embarrassingly unusable at times.
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    UI != UX
    UI = user interface
    UX = user experience

    You're definitely right.
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    @maysi way to mansplain
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    @nate just wanted to explain the difference. I always love to be corrected so I can do it better the next time. IMO it's a huge difference between those things.
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    you know, i bitched about this and i swear half the sites i've went to today have fucking done this
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