Had a discussion on the future of AI with a colleague and I have to say that dude is one scared cookie.

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    Meh. AI destroying the world can't be any worse than when we do it ourselves.
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    @Stuxnet for us it can.
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    Look at how business interests are fucking things up globally. Do not under estimate just how shitty things can get with well-paid lobbyists trying to make stupid shit into law.

    Imagine a law where insulting an AI can lead to a defamation suit.
    Imagine a law where someone shuts down an AI system and is charged with manslaughter.
    Imagine a law where inspecting AI algorithms is illegal. Or unlicensed operation of AI leads to jail time
    A law where a new type of insurance is required to touch or operate AI systems
    A license to use AI
    A license to develop AI

    I am definitely worried ...

    Any law that stifles innovation and competition and screws over the users is a real possibility.
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