I was looking at really old posts here (~2016) and noticed some of you have really been here for a long time and are still quite active, which I find awesome.
What struck me the most was when I saw members writing in a rather bad grammar at that time, although today you couldn't tell if it was their first or second language. In two years, some devranters have really improved their English, and I'm sure it's been the same for dev-related knowledge.

I realised that people can really change quickly, even if the transition is imperceptible. Keep working, you may not notice you're improving, but you are, the future will prove it.

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    very good observation!
    And yes devRant had a definitely a positive effect on my english skills.
    And the things i've learned here are invaluable. Impressing people positivity with my devRant knowledge is my new sport. 😄

    but i still can't code really 😢
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    Damn, almost two years. Time flies!
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    @heyheni I'm sure your skills in making logos bigger have really improved, don't look only at what you can't do, look at what you do well. I can't fly a plane yet, but I definitely code better than two years ago. Also I can't design anything.
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