FUCK Arch Linux for its bad way of installation!
Antergos with kde and maybe i3 to the rescue! :)

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    Arch is to Antergos as Debian is to Ubuntu, except that Arch doesn't have a UI installer. The reason why they don't have an automatic installer is you can customize literally every part of the process in a more comprehensive way with a shell. I 100% bet I could not encrypt my hard disk with an external encryption key like Yubikey with most of the popular installers out there.

    Anyone who actually understands how Linux works (or that can at least use a shell and follow a guide) should be able to do it. Even if you prefer not to manually install everything, there are plenty of alternate builds like Antergos, or even installers that you can download for vanilla Arch.
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    Given the comments on that video, I think that our founder made this one :P the video should be good enough though. And until @real-jase installed his Arch, I've been thinking to make my own tutorial for Arch+btrfs+LUKS for a little while.. guess I'll revisit that thought now. I'll keep you updated :)
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    I'd also like to suggest Feliz as an installer.. it's developed by a friend of mine (@angeltoast if she ever decides to come on devRant again) and it's actually pretty good!
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    Been working on installation for 2 days now and counting. Been Linux only for over a year, possibly 2,dont remember anymore, and antergos or manjaro for the last multiple months and I still am having trouble. Fuck grub.
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    Got it done in about 8 hours. Was my second Linux distro/install at best.

    I can't understand the problems most people have. I've followed the wiki with no issues what so ever.
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    Noooo don't switch from Arch, you'll lose the right to be snooty and condescending towards other OSes!
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    Antergos with KDE + i3 is amazing ❤️
    That's what I use
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    I installed arch like 3 times now and I feel really fluent in it. What helped me was the amazing official installation guide on wiki.archlinux.org .
    While I understand your struggle, I suggest reading it very thoroughly and trying to make sense of this everything. It can be hard at first, but after your first successful install you will be really glad :) (for about a week or so, then you might want to reinstall it afterwards, because you will know more)
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