Ahh, this particularly memorable occasion, it’s not much of a “fight” per se, but remembering the events I really want to beat the shit out of those asshats,

Backstory, I was working in a project, big one, my previous one, we had all this “squads” to say, agile teams consisted of several devs, I was happily working in my squad namely squad “A”, until one day by the end of a sprint my PO asked me to help another squad, call it squad “B”,

Curious for the reason as I may be, I ignored it at first, after all having the higher up owing me one is always welcome, A and B are having similar amount of dev team, with A having 1 more Front End developer,

Skipping the boring detail, continue on to my first sprint, I saw problems within the team, the other 4 FE consisted of 2 foreigners (call them “the good guys”) and 2 of our own (same vendor as me, let’s call them “the pricks”),

The ones leading discussions most of the time are the pricks, the good guys usually keep their mouth shut, calm and composed, and when shit happens, the good guys usually fix the problem without any fuss, on the contrary, the pricks threw fit all over the place trying to find somone to blame first,

Skip all the excruciating 2 weeks of trying to guide them in the right way, and talking with their PO, my PO, tech leads, etc, I came across a development of a certain feature, PR already made and waiting for review from a TL, then being the impatient ass B’s PO is, he pushed me to ask for a review from another TL, and the only one available is “the meticulous and perfectionist” TL, which is definitely not my choice in any given order,

Simple math, I assigned my review to TL X, wait a day, it’ll definitely be merged within a day, give it to TL Y, he reviews it immediately, and he’ll find all these shit squad B’s been writing, and then I’ll be spending 3 days trying to clean it up, but no matter, the PO insist on having it reviewed first,

Lo and behold, it happened, I had to refactor all the shit the pricks have been writing, again, I took the high road, until I stumbled upon a piece of code that just doesn’t makes any sense, no matter how exhaustively I put the effort to trace it out, an hour passed by and I decided to ask the pricks, let’s call them #1 and #2, #1 being the senior prick, and #2 being the regular prick but bigger pain in the ass, it went on something like this,

Me: uhh, sorry to bother you guys, but what’s this piece is used for?

#2: huh? Dunno, last guy to touch it was #1

Me: eeh, but the line history says it’s you,

#2: strange, I don’t remember, for testing probably

Me: well TL said to remove this one if it’s unused, I want to know if it’ll affect any functionality

#2: well, go figure

Me: yep that’s why I’m asking

#2: well, if you don’t need it just remove it

Me: again that’s what I’m trying to figure out, will it affect any functionality, since time is pressing I don’t have room for experimenting so I’m trying to find some solution by asking the creator if he might have any insight on this matter

#2: well don’t ask me, try asking #1

Me: dear sir #1 have you the faintest idea of what this piece of scripture might mean?

#1: huh? No idea, #2 wrote it

#2:... I don’t remember, I thought it was you,

#1: see the git blame, it’s #2

Me: guys, since we’re not getting anywhere, I’ll just go against my guts and remove it, so that everyone can live happily ever after,

#2: wait, who’s asking?

Me: the reviewing TL,

#2: yes, who?

Me: mr Y

#2: let’s meet with him

Me: what for?

#2: you said he wants to delete the code, let’s have a chat with him

Me: *not this shit again

#2: what are we waiting for, let’s go,

Me: naah, no need I’ll just delete it as you said it first, sorry, my bad

#2: what’d you say?

Me: I already deleted it, nevermind

#2: why did you do that? If the TL doesn’t like it let’s have a chat

Me: and what would be the point of that? I deleted it already, case closed, I’ll take the responsibility for fixing anything that may come up later, I don’t have time for your childish shit,

#2: *glares at me

Me: *glares back

#1: now, now, let’s all take a step back here, blah blah blah

#2: blah blah blah

And they both starts arguing with each other after #1 tries to act all diplomatic, I left them to their own discussion, and proceed with the PR,

Thankfully removing the piece of code doesn’t affect anything, it seems like #1 or #2 forgot to delete it when fixing the unit test some commits ago

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