Well, today I had to do something I've not had to do in a while.
I know I will regret it, but sometimes in life, you have to do things that you know will be difficult, and will definitely have repercussions that will cause more misery than you need, but I don't know where else to turn.

I can't get some code working, I've tried all the books and manuals, but now.... I......

Asked on stack overflow.

I've had to obfuscate my code, so all the relevant parts are there - I need to be able to make a Canvas resize when the objects on it overlap the edge so my ScrollViewer will respond correctly.

I've posted all the methods that I need to in order that the example makes sense, but I didn't post the code that handles the dragging - I'm waiting for the inevitable "you haven't posted the full example" bullshit.

So, queue another 45 minutes typing out an obfuscated version of the code just so somebody can tell me it's a duplicate of another question.

If this happens, I will kick off!!!

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    Yup, within 25 seconds somebody has told me that I can set the Z index to bring an element to the top, rather than do what I'm currently doing which is remove and re-add the element thus forcing it to the top without having to specifically set the Z index for every object.
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    And I've fixed it, without SO's help.

    Answered my own question, and I now can't post another rant for ages, which sucks as my stickers arrived and nobody will know :(
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