My boss was trying to use Microsoft Project's free trial to explain some PM stuff to a group. When he saw it wasn't working as expected, he proceeded to buy the software without batting an eyelid.

What he paid for it is more than four times my salary.
My days here are numbered.

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    Honestly, I should have sent in my resignation as soon as I got back home.
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    Why didn't he go for per month basis
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    Out of first hand experience I can vouch for the following top tip: GET THA FUCK OUT OF THERE ASAP.

    Shitty things are bound to come your way while you're still there.
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    @pollux It seems the per month basis only comes with the cloud version, I think.
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    But it's $660/user/year? Just how much do you make?

    You said it cost more than four times your salary. I punched those numbers into my calculator and it made a frowny face.

    Please leave.
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    @Root A dollar is about N300. He paid $560 for it.
    The naira equivalent is more than 4 times what I get paid.
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    Oh what the crap. Move!

    Or get a remote job here in the US and ask for minimum wage. You'll be living like a king.

    Seriously. $8*2080*300 = N4,992,000
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    @Root I'm already looking for remote jobs in the US, I hope I find one soon. Thanks.
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    @Hu-bot0x58 what kind of remote jobs? Not the helpdesk ones I hope... I know a few people who work the standard call center job and it's just a foul job to do - people in these workplaces need to be put on "kill watch" to avoid spontanious killing spree outbreaks.
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    @theKarlisK lol. Certainly not that type.
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