Sort of an odd lucky break rant.

I was tasked with building a site back in March by the owner, CEO, head honcho of the company I work for. It has been sort of a back burner project, but still needed to get done.

I was supposed to be working with one of the graphic artists to get the content i.e. images/video from.

The designer never sent me any content so I kept putting this site off. Plus my boss never scheduled me any time for it.

On a whim I wanted to do something relatively easy, and after the difficult and horrible monday I had, and decided to work on this site yesterday.

Come to find out, today was a big meeting with the Designer, CEO, My Boss and the topic was why the fuck isn't the site done! or even begun!

I literally just saved my own ass from pure luck by deciding to spend some time on that project yesterday.

So today's meeting was actually a congratulatory well done.

Idk, I guess it was on me to schedule the time, but I sort of try to let my boss handle my scheduling.

Just thank my lucky stars I decided to work on that project specifically yesterday.

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    What did you do, hello world?
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    Nice save 😁
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    It wasn't hello world, but close! just configuring a theme and adding some custom css. But still needed to be done, and it never got done.
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