Why don't we have BLACK theme on devRant's web version?

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    Let's summon @JoshBent to request one lmao
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    @Stuxnet wish I could just modify root color variables, since then it would be just a one second job, will see if there's some quick way tomorrow 😉
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    @Stuxnet nevermind, will have a quick script up in a sec
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    @JoshBent Lmao this dude.

    You're a life saver
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    @Stuxnet haha, will make a rant about it in ~30 minutes to remind myself to create a proper repo and continue it (e.g. rants view still has the colored backgrounds etc.), have a preview
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    @JoshBent color and not colour.

    You are now confusing me whether you are a Brit or a murican :P
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    @JoshBent HOLY FUCK!!!!

    This theme <3

    But what's with the avatar thing? LOL
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    @Floydian colour and not color* 😉
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    @Floydian I applied a css grayscale filter to it, since the background of it is embedded inside the image itself
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    @JoshBent This satisfies my soul *sigh*

    Thanks for correcting the spelling mistake.
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    @Floydian might explore what further grayscale options I have natively or I could combine it with a negative filter maybe too? not sure.
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    @Floydian you're welcome haha
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    @JoshBent You are just epic. HAHAHAHAHA...

    But this will bypass the supporter program as everybody will be able to use the BLACK theme.

    Not sure, good thing or bad.
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    @Floydian I thought of checking if the current user is a ++ member, but it's a user script, just remove that check and you have it, not worth the trouble to implement anti tampering etc.
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    @Floydian also on mobile you still have to support to get it 😊
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    @Floydian I think many supporters do it for more reasons than the theme, such as supporting this community. Hoping I'll have a job soon and can pay. Because $2 a month adds up. I'm trying to not end up eating ramen noodles every meal lol

    But even then, some might be supporters that use the website. So they still don't have the theme lol.
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    @JoshBent Agreed. Not worth the efforts.

    @Stuxnet Yes, but then there are cheap leechers who will enjoy the benefits without supporting the community. We all support this place because we love it.
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    @Floydian @JoshBent that’s what I first though when it got created, I’ll see how this will played out
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    @Stuxnet ramen noodles give me actual post trauma for some reason 😂

    @devTea I don't think it'll be too much of a problem, since I think @alice created a pink version of devrant with stylish too? or atleast wanted to? not sure, anyways it's just a color change anybody could do anyway
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    Remind me again why the website isn't open-source? Because of proprietary blobs, is it?
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    @Brosyl because of how much maintenance an open source project brings with it and that dfox said the appcelerator stuff is a horrible sight that only he understands or rather it would take too long to explain how it ticks.
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    @JoshBent Oh OK, that makes sense! Well, let's hope one day they'll be able to release it, so we'll be able to contribute ☺
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    We all need a @JoshBent in our life.

    (Looks really good!)
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    Awesome. Thanks++ :)
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    Fuck it, why isn't there a blue theme?
    Why isn't there a cyan theme?
    A green theme?
    A yellow theme?
    An orange theme?
    A multicolor theme?
    A fuckin rainbow theme?
    A purple theme?
    A pink theme?
    An ultraviolet theme?

    @dfox feature plz thx luv u bb 👌👀🔥🔥🆒💯
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    @rEaL-jAsE hahahahahaha fucker
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    @Gaetano96 I could probably just make the script replace it with your color of choice, but pretty sure most colors wouldn't pass wcag and be really bad on your eyes

    @Jilano haha thanks
    @rEaL-jAsE lol
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    @JoshBent "You're not suppose to tell us it's bad for our eyes, let us die the way we want, damn it! White background and text in cyan. That's living the life, man..."
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    @Jilano wcag says no 🤣
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    @JoshBent Shame! Haha
    Thank you for trying ;)
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    @JoshBent were do you test that at?
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    @JoshBent Thanks man this is really useful
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