I seems to become a sport to piss me off and not take the echo but simply leave devRant so that others proceed by implicitly pinning the reason for that on me.

I don't give a fuck when people I don't care for leave, and I won't lie that I did care, but as soon as this becomes the rule, I see no point in staying either.

It's not that my opinion matters more than that of other ranter, you definitely all know that, I never implied that and if you think so you probably have a serious problem with your self-esteem.

It's also not that anybody I had quarrel or a discussion with was bullied or shunned afterwards (that would be silly and low anyway), so I do not feel responsible for people who bite more than they can chew and then just leave to avoid asphyxiation.

Please get a fucking grip.

If I deleted my account today –my fingers are itching more than ever – and started a new one, I could probably act exactly as I do now, and I don't see a reason not to, but I'm pretty sure nobody would imply I'm responsible after somebody left again, because he's either made a fool of himself, can't bring it over himself to apologize for being a cunt or simply couldn't fucking take the stupid memes under 'rant' anymore.

I'm glad @Condor is back, otherwise somebody would probably have implied the inevitable soon. And as about the others? I don't give a flying fuck, and I'm not gonna start to pretend to.

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    Apologies for deleting my account and talking out of assumptions without research _/\_
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    @Condor No need to be sorry. As I said, I'm glad you're back, but if you actually choose to delete your account for good, it would be your decision and your decision only. It would suck, but it should be nobody's fault, not even your own. Everybody is responsible for their own actions – or at least they should be.
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    I don't apologize for anything. Sor.. wait....

    Hey, to each their own.
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    Why the fuck should you feel the need to delete your account in response to people leaving? I cannot understand. It feels kinda borderline to me. Chill Alex. Don't empathize so much we th those morons. Just enjoy the good things about this place. Try to not notice the annoying parts. It's kinda like JavaScript. ;-)
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    @AlexDeLarge I'm smiling, perhaps too much, while reading this and the comments so far. You've really earned my respect.

    Thanks for the update, I hope to see your rants and continued engagement on here in the future.
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    @AlexDeLarge thanks 🙂 and yeah I fully agree. Account deletion can be sparked by arguments or toxicity or whatever, but considering that everyone has some capacity in their figurative emotional bucket, I doubt that any one argument causes it.

    Personally I felt rather disappointed in the way that the community has changed and continuously shifts more and more into duplicate memes and overall Reddit behavior.. or even worse, Facebook.

    I'm still disappointed in this to this day but at the time when I deleted my account, I was just so sick of it, and having drank lots of wine didn't help either. Something snapped. But me being completely hooked to this platform and its community, I can't possibly stay away for too long. Hopefully a similar longing to come back cause hugh-mungus to register again as well.. but then, it's their life, their choice and I fully respect that.

    Edit: also please fight that itch.. it'd be really sad to see you go. It's not only a matter of the ++ you have, but also all the content out there. Having lost 300+ rants myself to the account deletion, I can't help but wish I still had them. But I didn't even fetch them from the API beforehand.. all forgotten, lost to a rm -rf... Please don't let that happen to yours.
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    @Divisionbyzero I shouldn't have used that example. It's NOT in response to that. I'm just tired of artificial drama and people in general.
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    Developers are opinionated that's why devrant was made. If somebody can't take somebody elses opinion they're in the wrong place. But i fully understand about your finger itching mine has been itching for months but the few good ranters like you keep me here
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    @Condor It's really similar for me. I hope this doesn't turn into an abusive relationship with me on the passive side.
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    Let's delete our accounts together. I'm sick of what happens here lately, too.
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    @Alice That would definitely free a few gigs of space for our conversations alone, hahaha!
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    @AlexDeLarge I can relate. For me it helps when I take a step back and just read rants posted by my subscriptions. Most of those have good quality and then sometimes I feel the need to take a look on the feed and see what the rest of the community is fucking about. Tabula rasa works, but like in development there always should be parts wich you can reuse.
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    @AlexDeLarge win win. We can leave and devRant gets a bit more space again!
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    @AlexDeLarge I truly hope so too. Always stay true to yourself, no matter how others judge you. After all - just my thoughts - but I think that you really not giving a fuck about what others think about you and ranting about whatever you like has been what made you so popular in here. Haters gonna hate 🙂 and the art is in not giving into it.
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    @Divisionbyzero That's probably the best approach, though I'll have to admit that my muscle memory and curiosity often get the best of me.
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    @Alice @AlexDeLarge Count me in when you do and start all over again.

    Once we have lost everything, we are free to do anything.
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    @Floydian deleting my account would just end in deleting it. Not starting over. There is no point in deleting my account when I plan to stay here anyways.
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    @AlexDeLarge My respect for you just increased further.

    Also, drama and politics are just part of human nature. Though are behaviour changed over years, but we still have the same cavemen nature.

    Any platform, any place, any people. You will find drama bro.

    Looking at the positive side, this place is much better than all other platforms combined.
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    @Alice What will make you go away forever?
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    So devRant losing all the good ranters.. and be left with shitty reposts only? Sounds a bit selfish, given what the community has been and meant to me (and hopefully you too) since I initially joined here about a year ago, when the community was still rather small.. but that's just me. The sentiment is understandable but having many of the old members leave forever would leave a very big dent.
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    @AlexDeLarge you seem to be depressed. Maybe take a day off will help? 🤔
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    @Floydian ++ for the Tyler Durden quote!
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    @Divisionbyzero Against depression? Unfortunately not.
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    @Floydian the sexism, the bitchfights over nothing, the privacy forcing (not people like linuxxx) people who shame everyone who doesn't care about their privacy on their level, the bullshit posts that end up in "it's just a joke chill people!" after obviously meaning it serious and discussing it for hours, the everyone needs to know everything about everyone when they left mentality instead of letting it rest, people insulting each other for having different opinions, people insulting each other for the truth, "Then let's agree to disagree" although the person is just plain wrong and started a two hours long fight about their opinion beforehand, the passive aggressive people here who don't even joke anymore, but just want to provoke others for things they don't like about them, the people who try to force their elementary school knowledge onto others without accepting actual science. In a fucking dev community. They should know better about the potential to learn.

    TL;DR: the assholes
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    @Alice that's a comprehensive list. LOL

    But yes, I agree to all of that.

    Somehow, I have managed to ignore such people/events and will continue to do so as this is the only place left for me on internet to interact with people.
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    @Floydian you can't ignore it anymore when it gets more and more and it gets to be 70% of your daily devRant dose and even affects yourself on a regular basis.
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    @Alice That's where my subscription comes into the picture.

    Interact with only those users.

    Occasionally I explore and take risks.

    But I would no way let devRant affect my offline life and vice versa.
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    @AlexDeLarge @Alice I would be disappointed if either of you decided to leave - I have thoroughly enjoyed debating with you both!!

    @AlexDeLarge - you defended your position when you were effectively criticised for a misinterpretation of what you stated. I knew a man who had a very similar attitude to yours, similar way of emphasising his point. Usually, he was deliberately offensive for amusement. We knew he did not mean anything by it, it was simply the way he approached arguments. I take your comments in the same way. I suspect that if you genuinely wanted to take somebody down a peg, you would do so eloquently and with absolutely no room for misunderstanding.

    @Alice having been involved in a debate with a chap who was quite angry about the involvement of the British in India (then said it was just a joke), I get your stance entirely. I simply stepped back from the conversation and left it well alone...
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    @Alice ..... that said, I was incredibly bothered by it as I don’t speak about matters in India from an uninformed perspective inspite of me being British by birth.

    I’m personally from a mixed race family, and my wife’s family are descended from the Mughali, so I’m quite well informed about it from first hand stories of the partition of India and the race for them to escape before they were displaced.

    In that circumstance though, it’s just easier to back out than fight an argument with somebody who is clearly prejudiced, especially when I can entirely understand why they have that prejudice even if I disagree with it still being enforced.

    People make assumptions, and those assumptions cause arguments.

    If all the rational and intelligent people who actually hold discussions with some substance to them leave, there will be no real reason for any of us to stay!!
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    @Floydian sadly this place is the best example for even intelligent people turning into complete idiots when it's about certain topics.
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    @Alice @Floydian @Condor &.. No wait I'm trying not to spam people

    And others of the league of people who I seem to agree with and seem to like most of the time.. I'd hate to see this spot on the Internet, become like the others I've left for good. I'd wish I had known people like you existed on the Internets long before I joined here.

    I come here when I feel like dumb people are being dumb and doesn't seem to think much. When I come here, I stay for a bit and get notified that people have proper etiquette, even on the Internet. I guess I'm just trying to thank you.. My thoughts on people have changed because of you.

    I agree that it seems like there's a bunch of reposts and not so devRanty (I wouldn't rly know tho) things going on around here. But I'm quite new and might suggest something that already has been before and have been shut down for obvious reasons: that there should be some closed groups or 'see rants from just these people' of a sort. To sort the bad things? 🙃
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    @Kandelborg Agreed. High time we need moderation, something like Reddit.

    So the circlejerks can do whatever they want in their own groups and not bother others.
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    @Kandelborg some people are idiots, some are not.

    This platform attracts developers but as it all too apparent, the trend for programming becoming more mainstream has led to more idiots becoming developers and forcing their badly thought out opinions on the world.

    I see it in real life, and on here.

    The people I’ve debated with here have earned my respect because of their ability to discuss a matter from a solid standpoint. If somebody isn’t willing to discuss something rationally and with some actual sense behind it, then don’t bother talking to them, it’s just a waste of time.

    Those who are however are the people who challenge you, and those people should be treated with respect as they are the people who force you to solidify your own opinions and grow as a person.

    I’m pleased to set that dR still has many of those but if @AlexDeLarge or @Alice leave, that number will drop.
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    I work from home and have very little contact with other programmers.

    When I worked in a office, coffee or cigarette breaks were my therapy. I could complain about bugs or architecture issues with other devs (mainly one in particular - we are still friends to this day), but now I don’t have that.

    My wife is not very tech savvy, but does she want to be. She listens if I need her to, but she doesn’t understand the process so at most can offer sympathy but not really any suggestions.

    It’s become my little ritual to use dR when I need a break from work, and to know that there are people here who are dealing with the same sort of bullshit I am.

    I don’t like the stupid meme reposting, or the bitching, or the arguments that are just slanging matches. Debates, discussions, pictures of food @Alice has made, discussions whisky, those all genuinely make my day somewhat better.

    Live the change you want to see.
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    So basically all the people I am subscribed to and whose rants I read daily are considering to delete their account. Great. I don’t mean to sound selfish, but devrant wont be the same without you guys.

    Devrant has changed as it got more popular. I’m only here for like half a year, who am I to judge, right? Well, this community has really grown on me. It’s the only social media thingy I use and sometimes my only escape from the toxicity and bullshit of the people around me. What would deleting your account change, really? Not much, i believe.

    Please don’t make this a domino effect, just because some people left, doesn’t mean we all have to.
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    On a side note, @Alice you were in my dream last night.

    I was buying ingredients for something but you kept turning up and telling me I’d bought the wrong ones and suggesting alternatives.

    I never worked out what I was making but you seemed to know.
    In the end, I had some very odd ingredients. Custard was in there, but all I can remember other than that was tomatos and pickles.

    So yeah, know any tomato and pickle custard recipes.... I suspect not....
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    @oudalally Actually, yes. Baked fish burger with tomatoes, pickles, cinnamon and custard on the buns.
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    I normally wander around a bit. It's a hobby of mine, not just on the Internet but down streets I don't know or try to take a path I don't know will get me back home.

    My point is, I know this might not be the only place with people like you, I've just searched far and wide for this exact spot.

    If any kind moderation on here is set in place.. I really hope it won't be perceived as some elitist or "we are better" kind of shit with limited access to see. I sincerely hope to be able to perceive a lot of people on here, in any way possible. Be it here or another place, I don't really care.
    I know that I would care a lot, if you just disappeared without a trace..
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    @Alice ...custard on the buns.... see, I can deal with that as an idea, but I would make a savoury custard for it if I was going to.

    In this dream, it was a tin of Ambrosia. I'm not a fan of Ambrosia custard, at all.

    On the occasion I will buy custard, it's usually from our local shop and it's actually a dairy based vanilla one.
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    @AlexDeLarge "I seems to become a sport to piss me off and not take the echo " - I've spent the past hour trying to think of the most absurd thing I can think of to annoy you, but I'v not had coffee yet so it's just not working.

    It wouldn't work too well either way as I really do enjoy a good argument... but one day..... one day I will come up with the greatest topic to wind you up ever devised by creature living or undead.....

    or I'll forget entirely and this will be an irrelevant statement, in which case..... meh.
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    @oudalally It's no secret that it isn't hard at all to piss me off. Wilful ignorance and pride in one's own stupidity works best.
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    @oudalally sorry to disappoint you. That's already my job.
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    lol! Sort of true. @Alice loves pissing people of.
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    @AlexDeLarge Is ignorance a type of lizard? ;)

    Would it annoy you if I said that I think your left foot is ironic?
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    I feel like I've kinda missed a lot of stuff that's been going on. Not sure how, since I read most rants from you guys. Maybe I'm just dense as fuck.
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    @rEaL-jAsE Nah, you just don't read every shit that you come.across, and I should start doing the same.
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    I have been away for the better part of the last 6 months...

    And I have to say it would've been really strange to come back to devRant with you guys (and gals) missing.

    I'm very glad that's not the case.
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