Holy great fuck.
What the fuck is going on? Why? What’s happening?
Why are there plenty of new accounts reposting memes from fb/reddit/whatever all over the place?
Why are you doing this to devRant?
I’m ok with memes, there’s a section for this. But I’m seeing new accounts just signing up and hop, a meme.

I want to read people complaining, insulting dumb clients, sharing their failures and successes.
I want to argue on arguments, complain together with people, against people.
I want to read stories about managers, see exciting collabs born.
I want to see people fight the eternal battles: mac, Linux or pc? CLI or GUI? Vim or Emacs?

That’s the devRant I joined. That’s what I love here. If I wanted to get meme-spammed, I’d go on 9gag.

Yours truly,

A fellow devRanter

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    @RantSomeWhere that’s also true, not everybody uses categories in the right way. I have no problems with memes and jokes, it’s part of the ecosystem, it’s the fact that people join and think it’s a place to même around 24/7 that makes my skin shake :/
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    Yeah fuck memes I want fucking stories with someone in deep shit, diving into deeper shit and then shits and fucks all over the place. And at the end I want the shit go fuck itself.
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    @2lazy2debug I'm browsing in recent with the right categories, of course, and don't feel like the issue is that big. Am I not spending enough time on the app to realise that?

    By the way, if you're on algo you can always downvote the post that are not in the right category.
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    I don't believe true rants really require pictures to tell their story.
    On the other hand, jokes/memes rarely work without it.

    So to prevent people from posting memes in the wrong category (rant/story), maybe this could be achieved by disabling the option of attaching images to rants/stories? What do you devs think?
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    @RantSomeWhere these filters are not on the browser version though
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    @ruhe That could be an idea, I guess. Some might complain, but there is always the possibility to post a comment with a picture.
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    @Jilano Exactly. And no one would post "Meme is in the comments" as a rant
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    @RantSomeWhere nope. You can pick algo/recent/too and “top tags” however that’s calculated but not the hiding of rant types.
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