If you ever think the hacker presentation in a new movie or show is far from reality, remember that in Bones, Pelant "injected" a computer virus by graving it in on a bone that got scanned.

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    Wow. Sounds like a very sofisticated bufferoverflow attack.
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    @Zennoe with blockchain, based on AI machine learning.
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    Has hacking gone too far?
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    What about Windows and the Independence Day? 😛
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    Windows in War Z
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    i saw the episode. it was gross
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    Actually, Buffer Overflow attack vector on a scanned article could theoretically work, if the scanner itself converts text or symbols into another type of format much like OCR does. and there was an actual bug that allowed buffer overflow, so you would scan the bone your 50,000 aaaaa's would overrun the buffer, then the text code that was scanned if sent to OCR and called an interpreter say it was in python, if somehow you could call the interpreter to run the scanned code, well then there you go.
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    @Bitwise I'm torn about your comment. on the one hand, you could be right. on the other: killjoy! :p
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    Probably very wrong, but I guess it would depend on how the scanner handles text :D
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    @Bitwise A developer at the office where I work (He's employed by a power company) made a firmware update for his Nissan Leaf. The car negotiates about power with the charger, but in this case it flashed the charger's firmware as well so it reported that it delivered hundreds of megawatts of power TO the grid, resulting in a ridiculous credit invoice and a signal to the power company that they had to shut down to prevent overloading.

    On subsequent charging attempts by other cars, it would brick their battery control circuits.

    All by just plugging in the power wire in his own car.

    He demonstrated it in a controlled environment, and got a nice bounty.
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    "Enhance." Because information that isn't there can be generated with a simple push of a button. 🤖
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