devrant is the new stackoverflow

PS- no offence to anyone, my last rant went wrong

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    How is this SO?
    I didn’t come strolling in downvoting you for no good reason!

    - why did you delete the GOD DAMN RANT!!!!!
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    @C0D4 i knew people are going to criticize me for that
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    Hey it's ok don't worry about it.
    People don't know what your age is or how long you've been on the platform when they see the rant when you post it.
    And your rant was about a topic that is usually sensitive here.
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    @roh1tsa1n1 hahaha sorry if I made you feel young. I just meant that people don't know your level and on the HTML rant they probably thought you were a professional web developer who had this opinion...
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    It’s not so but your last rant actually railed in lots of devs and “devs” to comment on it. Take it easy we’re actually really fun here
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