So when I joined this community, I was bit embarrassed because I am a tester and everyone around was a dev.

But I was wrong. I was welcomed here with a warm heart. I got love beyond expectations.

In those early days, all I wanted was enough votes so that I could afford my favourite t-shirt and matching shoes in avatar builder.

Not only I got those, but some free sticker swag and soon enough the squishy ball.

I made friends and I openly brag in public that I have some awesome friends from around the globe.

An angry yet down to earth German ranter.

The Pink Goddess.

The script master Brit.

The sysadmin enganeer from Belgium.

The account deleter from Australia.

Some awesome Muricans.

The privacy guy from the Netherlands.

Sysadmin from Sweden.

French, Swiss, Japanese, Indonesian, Burmese, Swedish, South Koreans, Middle Eastern, Fillipino, and even some fellow crazy Indians as well.

I am fucking proud to call you all my friends.

Upvotes hardly matter to me. Interaction is what I am here for. And you guys make me feel at home even though I am tester.

Founded the Team Raven and Lol club. The random mention activity was also fun.

But never did I thought I would reach the 4th top ranter position. Beating the master in his own game? Lol.

What next? I look forward to meet you all in real life. Thank you David and Tim.

Thank you devRant 😊

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