New colleague at the office. An old Java guy (probably in his sixties). A "tech dinosaur" as he likes to call himself. He's a nice guy, smart, eloquent, has an amazing curriculum and have worked for Oracle at some point. But he is not into coding anymore, and this time around will get to manage paperwork, payments, and other bureaucracies.

First week have been mostly ok, though I found super strange that he uses Windows in a Mac laptop. He did interrupt our work a lot, but that's fine - we don't have any documentation for anything, and we needed to get him into his tracks.

But man, the interruptions are getting worser and worser.

Third week: Hes mobile phone is always beeping (alarms, messages, calls). He likes to talk A LOT. About food, memes or whatever. The rule is - it's always when I'm in the flow and moving through code like mad.

Now, this week our CEO is on a business trip, and the CTO is working remotely. So there is just us two in the office.

The man struggles to do even the most basic tasks in his computer. Yesterday, while fiddling through his itunes app in the computer, some weird music started playing. He couldn't find the button to pause it and he couldn't find a way to mute his laptop, and didn't close the program either.

My concentration went downhill, and had to leave my desk to help him. The pause button was literally in the middle of the screen.

Today I will work from home, so I can actually get something done.

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