Every year, I would get a lot of "Happy Birthday!" messages and calls from everyone.

A few months ago, I deleted my facebook account. No birthday wishes this year.😆

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    Same here. I have 0 regrets
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    Happy Birthday!

    ...I guess?
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    Good for you man. We’re better off without the fake bullshit. Over time I’ve added my friends birthdays to my calendar and I get surprise wishes sometimes! It’s really rewarding when somebody remembers your birthday without facebook.
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    Now you know how many people really give a shit about your birthday.
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    Facebook is the place you pretend to care about others just to indulge in narcissistic like begging and self-righteous posts.

    Except grandmas, they're cool because they have no idea what they're doing.
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    I know the feeling ...
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    Happy birthday mate. It’s 23:59. Guess just on time
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    We from devrant honestly wish you a happy birthday
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