I started to work on a little game today. Well, at least I already created the folder and made 4 vector paths for the first graphic.

I'm such a pro guys.

Success soon.

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    How do you think all the Games engineers began? I don't think any way different
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    In other words, you can't do anything wrong! In the worst case, you have an unfinished game, but you will always have learned at least something during the process!
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    Clicked to say "you're way too active"

    But - let us know when you have something playable :D
    Your vector stuff is always fun to read/watch/etc - and maybe even to play ;)

    We started planning our game and making folders multiple times - yet we (or I) always focus on school and playing games after a little time, instead of working on it. Oh, and websites!

    Now I even remember my oldass, childish email subscription on our website. I gotta remove it, I bet it's illegal lol.
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    Have you already created a private repo on GitHub/GitLab?
    Without that you can't say you started a new project, sorry.

    But after that, you're free to leave it unfinished.
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    Read the rant, automatically assumed it was Alice, turned out to be correct.

    You're becoming predicable, @Alice. You gotta up your game.
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    @dtaposh fuck yourself with a wooden ladle and die bleeding out on your couch.
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    Wow 😂
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    @Alice AlexDeLarge, is it you?
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    @Alice Will you take me on your private jet soon?
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    @Alice a sledgehammer :p (I still remember your comment, O pink queen) 😝
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