14 years in IT and this is the first time I've ever unlocked this little guy

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    looks like someone had fun cleaning the system 32 folder lol
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    If my eyes serve me right, is that a boobie in the background i see?
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    What is that background? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Sooner or later.
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    14 years and still using windows / explorer?
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    Secret boss
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    @dthree I have to know how to make this happen. What were you doing?
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    @Diactoros cleaning Start Menu on Windows Embedded Standard 7. Hovered on My Documents, then over its subfolder to show subfolder contents. Right click deleted subfolder while its contents were still drawn in Start Menu. Then clicked on an item in the deleted subfolder. Definitely an achievement unlock.
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    I get this whenever I change the extension of a .docx file to a .zip in Windows 7 so I can take the xml. Still works fine, but yeah was wowing the first time. Bet they had fun coding that message.
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    Achievement Unlocked
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    @masterlei every thing is a boobie if you are brave enough
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    @ArcaneEye yeah, a docx file is just a zip file full of xml and image files. If you change the extension to .zip you can take out the individual files.

    Useful for creating an xslt file based on a pre-formatted Word file.
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    Yeah, the newer office formats all save in xml as opposed to binary.
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    14 years in IT and taking pics of a screen with a camera?! 😁
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