Started my first real dev job last week. My laptop was kinda slow at building the project I'm currently working on and mentioned it to a colleague. Next day, I get a practically unused Dell Xps 15 that cost something like 2500 euros. I have never had such a expensive and nice laptop before. Though I have to say that the keyboard actually sucks though. Incredible that laptops for 200 euros have the same keyboards as laptops for 10x the price. :)

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    I gotta say I hate those modern notebook keyboards, they feel like a small layer of plastic on a pinpoint.

    I have a Latitude E6430 and absolutely love the keyboard, don't know why they discontinued such a perfect design (pic for reference)
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    @jonii perfect? I don't even consider it keyboard if it lacks numpad!
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    Yeah, this is the Xps 15. I love the thin bezels though.
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    @darkLord I don't mind it missing on a 15" notebook, there is just no space
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    @jonii I have also 15" and it has plenty of space even after having keyboard with numpad.
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    @darkLord What model do you have?
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