Me right now:
>want's to start new project
>*puts Glitch Hop playlist on*
> *Fails at using ssh-agent for 1 hour*
>makes repo
>I always wanted to use git flow, what about this time
> *Spends 30 min reading about git flow*
> Now, let's init that project
> *Meanwhile, opens devrant*
> *Reads dR for way too long*
> *decides to become productive starts searching for a colorsheme*
> *after 1 hour* fuck it, let's use solarized
> Right, let's do some coding, finally. *parents: go to sleep now!*
> Fuck
> *opens devRant, starts ranting*

I hate myself sometimes....

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    Every time I go piss at around 1:00 (AM) I get asked why I'm still up.

    For starters, I'm an adult. I'll sleep when I want to. Secondly, 1:00 isn't even that late. Late is looking out to see the sun and saying "oh shit not again."
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    Gotta transit at 5pm in the morning.. Might as well stay up late and work om some stuff I'll probably get paid for.. If I don't I'll have fun with a great project.

    *Goes on devRant*..

    *Is still on dR, making comments and feeling sorry for others having to sleep and getting asked why they're up*

    *Waits for the sun to begin shining*
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    @Hu-bot0x58 I am, it's just that I will respect that my parents have to get up early when I don't.
    Their bedroom is right next to mine, so when I'm up (making some noise)and my LOUD workstation is running they can't sleep.
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    @xzvf oh yeah, makes sense. Btw cool username
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    Yeah tar
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    Totally relate
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