I work for a company where devs are the exact opposite of devRant devs. They hate Linux, like Windows and absolutely love Apple (macOS, iOS). They couldn't give two shits about clean code, unit testing or a peer code review. I have such a hard time grasping how does this 20+ year old software work because of one of the worst cases of spaghetti code in the history of programming. I improved user interface design (which means I only touched the design code, not the actual functionality code), but a lot of features stopped working as a result. Fuck me. And fuck me hard, daddy.

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    Smack them with this book until something sticks: https://amazon.com/Working-Effectiv...
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    Mom’s spaghetti.

    On a more serious note, OS choices are something I don’t care about - fuck everyone’s OS - but spaghetti code is not forgivable. Fuck them.
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    @Qwby Well, these suckers wrote it. Maybe I should read it and once they retire in a few years try to take a lead on this thing and establish strict rules. Lololo. Idk.
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    @angryPete I don't either, but that was just another thing I noticed.

    Yeah, heavily nested if statements fucking suck. Especially when their conditions look like D == "g". Single letters and sometimes a digit in variable names and all the bullshit. Not to mention the way they rape the living shit out of MVC and still have decency to claim MVC is good for separation when they entangled the living shit out of that pattern.
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    @hobbyte it should help them realizing their bad habits and how to go from their shit codebase to a good codebase, to write tests etc. of course if their not willing to change, tough luck.
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    @Qwby It's already tough luck. I actually argued about it and all I am at this point is "just a junior dev who lacks real development experience."
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    @hobbyte probably the "real development experience" is to just accept the current situation and live with it/join in instead of changing bad habits. Been there. You could try again and again to change their ways and eventually something might move, but maybe it won't.
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    @Qwby Good point! :)
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