I'm beginning to hate my job again.

I mean it is loads better than my last job. But this job brings its own set of issues.

So I did move up and I definitely do not regret it.

I guess it may be time to move up again.

Mainly the pay is the issue, as well as a few other minor things.

I seem to be stagnating in my learning due to not being on a development team.

So my priority is to find a team with smarter people than me.

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    Yep! Enjoying teamwork and learning new things are both only really fun, possible and productive when other members of the team are more experienced or 'better' than you.

    I'm lucky that every dev in the team I currently work with is a lot more experienced than me, except with HTML/CSS and ES2015+. I've never learned so much in such a short time, particularly React, design patterns, devOps, Python, libraries I didn't know, PostgreSQL, … it's awesome.
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    I feel like pay and [learning opportunities/challenging work] are hard to optimise for without changing employer. My own experience;

    Changing employer - all factors are up for "negotiation" (when you choose from a number of employers). Risk is that you may never know until you are in the role.

    Staying with the same employer - if you're doing good, valuable work then it's not the employer's incentive to switch your work. This is more risk, as someone else needs to do your old work just as well as you. Asking for more pay usually means more responsibility, which might not be the kind of responsibility you want. The only way to get leverage is to convincingly suggest that you'll leave...

    Again, my own experience. Anyone share similar thoughts?
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