"My code is good, I'm senior and don't make silly mistakes anymore. Tests are for mediocre developers"

This is what a guy who I considered a mentor for long enough time said to me when I was at a junior level. He wouldn't listen to my arguments because I was just a junior obviously and knew nothing about development. Needless to say I kinda dropped the mentor thing after this and a few other things he said or did.
He was quite surprised that I don't want to learn when I have an opportunity to learn from an experienced person. Sorry bud, trust but verify. You failed.

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    Do you mean to say that tests are not only for mediocre devs?
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    Well the senior guy got it all wrong!

    One does not write code to make sure his code is working correctly.
    One does write tests to show other developers how good his code is using all kind of test scenarios.
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