Bought coffee - one bag of lovely caffeinated, one bag of decaf.

The decaf is for later in the day, when I want some coffee later in the day but have had 6 already... looking after my health a little you see....

Now, here is the issue. I like glass jars, specifically Kilner jars as a lovely glass jar full of coffee looks excellent on a shelf.

The issue is fellow humans, I do not know which jar contains which coffee, and on this morning of all mornings, when I am tired and groggy, caffeine is of paramount importance!

And now, I need a coffee. So, which jar contains the caffeinated, and which contains the decaf, that is the question.....

I've gone with the left jar, as it smells nicer and I distinctly remember the decaf not being as nice as the other.

Soon, we shall know....

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    Is that Schrödingers coffee?
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    @ruhe Nah, that's in a sealed box and is both caffeinated and decaf until it's observed ;)
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    @oudalally anyway, good luck with finding the caffeeinated one!
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    Drink 4 espressos of each wit 1 hour interval. When your heart starts beating like a death metal song you know it’s the caffeine one :)
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    @2lazy2debug hahaha. Tempting, though I don't need to, I've woken up sufficiently to know that this is the caffeinated one.

    To be honest, I had an inkling as soon as I tasted it. It's a Method coffee (specifically, the Ethiopian one) which is a medium roast, so not as bitter as the other, and generally very high quality.

    I knew the decaf wasn't as high a quality, so yeah, process of elimination, coupled with a hell of a caffeine hit has satisfied me that this is the real deal.

    Also (and very picky of me to even mention it), but much appreciation for using the correct spelling of espresso!!! One of the most irritating idioms that people use (to me anyway) is pronouncing it as "expresso". Drives me nuts!!!!

    It's almost as irritating as people who "go ahead" all the time.
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    @ruhe more like dev roulette
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    @oudalally What's the matter with "go ahead"?
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    @Brosyl When it's in every sentence, it's just not necessary.

    It turns up in so many tutorials, and often they appear to have no script which I personally have an issue with. If you're demonstrating something, brevity is key.

    "So, go ahead and click tools, then you're gonna wanna go a head and navigate to the options menu, then go ahead and click there, and then go ahead and expand the text editor tab. So when that's open, go ahead and chose your language..." etc ad nauseam.

    It's a pointless filler phrase, and although I've heard numerous explanations as to why it has come about as a prominent idiom, none of them are good enough to justify it being ubiquitous.

    Go ahead literally means "proceed". If you replace "go ahead" with proceed in almost all usages on youtube, the sentence makes no sense. "Proceed to click on Options, then you're gonna wanna proceed to...".

    I have the same issue with "like". Just speak slower, and don't use filler phrases.
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    @oudalally imo "go ahead" really should only be used when somebody is hesitating, but I'm guilty on the "like".. when speaking I use it way too much while looking for words.
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    Oh yeah! I didn't, like, understood in which context you were, like, talking, so I was like "What's the matter with go ahead? 🤔" because when I go ahead and say it, I don't feel it's, like, wrong or like anything. Of course when it's used, like, too much, it just doesn't make any sense. Like "Dude, don't go ahead with this redundancy and just, like, DRY", you know what I mean?
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    @jonii "Go ahead" makes sense in 3 situations.

    1) You are at a narrow path. Somebody needs to walk down it the opposite way. You want to offer them the chance to go first, so you say "go ahead".

    2) You are operating a radio, and somebody puts in a call. You respond "go ahead" to signify that they can proceed.

    3) You are discussing plans for something which is currently uncertain (for example, you're talking to a mechanic about some repairs on your car). They give you a quote, which isn't as expensive as you expected. You're pleased, and say "Yeah, that's fine. I'm happy to go ahead".

    Obviously those can vary a little, but those situations are the core cases where "go ahead" makes sense.

    At least "like" is easier to ignore, but it's still usually just a pause word, and can often be eliminated by speaking more slowly.
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    @njpugh90 Yup, that's all I do. I NEVER freeze coffee. The water soluble volatile compounds flavour compounds are damaged by extremes of temperature, so freezing and overheating have the same basic effect on the taste.
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    This "go ahead thing might deserve its own rant 😛. So let's proceed to get back on the main thread.

    Yay for quality covfefe!
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    @oudalally "[…] and what we're gonna do now is, we're gonna go ahead, and then go ahead some more and then go ahead even more, and then we wonder why we haven't come a single fucking step closer to our goal, and what I'm gonna do then is, I'm gonna go ahead and tell you that we haven't come one single step closer to our goal, because most of what comes out of my useless mouth are repetitions, pleonasms, tautology and redundancy [see what I did there?]"

    Yeah, I FUCKING hate this kind of 'tutorials'.
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    @AlexDeLarge It ranks up there with tutorials which start out "Ok, so I'm gonna go ahead and show you how not to do this first"..... WHY?


    Surely it makes more sense to show the correct way first, then after a while, perhaps throw in "Ok, we've covered the correct way to approach this problem. Now, lets look at some of the incorrect ways that this could be approached, and analyse where the issues are."

    This guy is the master of the tutorial - Keith Appleton. He's a Yorkshireman who plays Hammond organ, and repairs steam engines. Whether you like steam engines or not, there's something mesmerising about his videos. Seriously, worth checking out - this is how to make tutorial videos pretty much perfectly.

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    Just put half and half
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