Get FUCKED, mate. Having 3 files - model, view and controller - doesn't mean there is any separation, you dickass. Fuck your incompetent ass for thinking you're the shit just because you went to college. You doggyknobber probably don't even understand what the separation even means so stop preaching to me about misusing the MVC, you worthless ferger. Look at how entangled your fucking "separation" is and accept that a junior dev obviously knows more about this topic than your Bill O'Reilly-level-of-stupid wanker dipshit ass. FUCK ANY EGOISTIC SENIOR DEV.

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    'thinking ur the shit just because u went to college'
    chill mate, click this image
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    Hell yes!!!! The same thing happens with MVVM - just because you have "separation" doesn't stop you from referencing and casting the DataContext everywhere in the whole entangled web of bullshit.

    Buzzwords with no understanding mean fuck all!!!
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    And here I am working with clean swift templates.
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