am i getting grumpy and old? what the fuck does PRE_ORDER mean to you? you see, i thought it meant i ordered something - and it'd be sent to me on the release date. back in mYyYyyYYyy day - you paid for something, suppliers had it in stock before the release date, and then on release date you would get what you paid for. amazon (of course it's amazon, fuck amazon. fucked me over so many times in the past 2 years) says they dont have my item in stock. then WTF DID I PREORDER IT FOR? to top it off, even though they've been horrible 50% of the time for the past couple years, they offer me $10 off on my "order". ya, sure, okay. nope : $10 off future order. i don't wana fucking order from you! i actively avoid you!

fuck this world. why is everything shit anymore? why can't something just fucking work as fucking in-fucking-tended?

am i cursed? i've been good for a while. it's not karma. complete bs, why bother.

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    Aliexpress and such...
    Same Chinese stuff half the price.
    The stores in this sites will pay you back for any complaints just to keep a 5 star rating (meaning happear on top).
    I got a projector for 35 euros, got robbed at costums, got my money back and a new projector (that I payed again) listed as refund, meaning no costums taxes and basicly 0 cost
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    I think they just take too many preorders hoping somebody will change their mind..
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    Good rant.

    I don't know about the karma thing but I think I'll agree with you, it's bullshit.
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    @Floydian just looking at things like no matter what they're a lose/lose. karma? do good, lose, do bad, lose? why not do 'bad' and get ahead? just in a life slump being fucked every which way from sunday...

    good song abt that

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    No no no, that's not what pre-order means, you've got it all wrong.

    Pre order is: observe self, recurse left, recurse right.

    Edit: PRE_ORDER, then, sounds like a shitty constant that gets passed to a shitty function that does the type of the traversal that you want based on the input.
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    @zlice I'll surely watch the video.

    And I'll disagree here.

    Even though karma doesn't exist, that doesn't mean one should be a bad person or do bad to others just for personal gains.

    I still believe in doing good and being good, even if it doesn't return to me.
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