Me & Coworker spend a good 10-15 minutes explaining why approach A to a problem is a bad idea and that approach B would better.

Dev Lead says "Just get it done".

Inspiring words as always. So glad we raised this issue up to the person who's supposed to make these kinds of decisions.


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    The first 4 hours I worked to day all went down the drain because I finally got someone to call the client about it and ask why the issue originated (i dont have the clients phone number)

    Context; some functionality was doing shit automatically, but they didn't have a visual representation of this functionality (It's an agenda and you can say that the person you have an appointment with was absent)

    But they wanted to remove the automated functionality and get themselves a manual version of it, which i was working on for about 8 hours after which the design had to be done and the designer, who didn't understand the reason behind the request either (not even yesterday), finaly decided to call the client.

    After that the feature had to be removed and appointments that are marked as absent now show up red instead of not showing up at all
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