(A female friend of mine once asked me how to tell a guy off no matter where she was.)

Situation A (bar)

A: Are you alone?
F: I'm waiting for someone.

(If insist pick either, else good)

A: Who're you waiting for?
F: Godot.
A: Let's go somewhere else.
-option 1-
F: I have to tell you I'm schizophrenic. I hear voices in my head.

(If insist continue, else good)

A: What is it telling you right now.
F: Its telling you to fuck off.

-option 2-

F: I have a phobia.
A: What kind phobia?
-- (a)
F: Of losers like you.
-- (b)
F: Of people who can't read the mood ( 空気読めない)
-- (c)
F: I have STD(T(silent T))

(Most people would steer clear at this point)

(Now, this was between me and her)

F: STD? 😮
Me: with a silent T.
F: Not the usual STD.. 😐
Me: Nope.😶
F: What is it then?
Me: Short for Some Thing Down (There). So you're not lying. 😏

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    @Maciek It's not always easy...
  • 3
    @Maciek haven't you seen anything from r/niceguys 😂.
  • 1
    @Maciek afraid ? And guys like these ?
  • 1
    @Maciek and you are soooo very uncreative

    @ceee it happens all the time. That's why I told my friend to be creative.
  • 0
    @S-Homles yeah man.
  • 1
    @Maciek Aah now I get it. Do they know this is why they have no girlfriend. Someone shd tell them.
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    Why Godot tho? Are you referring to the Ace Attorney : Trials and Tribulations?
  • 1
    @EV-EV No. Its a play by Samuel Beckett
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    @gitlog oh right.
    He got in a conversation with someone on the pornhub rant... I wonder if it's because of that.
  • 1
    @ceee oh I'm getting behind everything and missing everything cause the algo just doesn't believes that I'm not from past!
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    @gitlog if the algo concerns you switch to recent mode. You won't miss on anything
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