What do you think is the best approach to recruit a candidate?

Ask him to build a small project?


Ask some random trick questions who are almost a click away from internet

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    I give small projects and ask them to Google as much as possible.
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    I always get very annoyed with trick questions, it kinda makes you feel like they want you to make a mistake at some point. However, not a big fan of small projects either. Especially for candidates switching jobs this could be a challenge to fit into their schedules.
    I think you can get a good idea of the quality of the candidate by just discussing some relevant techniques and get their opinion on that. I feel that speaks volumes about the way they'll handle a problem.
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    Small projects...and let them present the results. You will firstly see whether the candidate actually did the project by themself and secondly you will see how professional the project was done.
    Asking silly questions makes no sense as we all search frequently...thats fucking normal
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    Come up with a simple problem that doesn't require googling syntax etc that can easily be represented by a function and have them talk there way through there through process as they code it in front of you, that way you can tell if the have good communication skills as well as problem solving skills. Once the task is completed, make sure then readability of the code is good.
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    The best interview I experienced so far was when:
    -employer shows a list of languages to the candidate
    -pick one that candidate does NOT know (example , racket)
    -ask the candidate to install proper ide for this language and write a reverse for loop in this language in just 40 minutes

    This way, candidate proves actual googling and "learning" skills which matters most in the end for any dev job. Since we have a new technology coming every day, with this method you eliminate crybabies who say "I don't/can't do this and that language, I'm a strict x guy" or the ones who get too stressed and start kicking the keyboard.
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