Know when it is time to throw all the code you worked the entire week on out and start from scratch.


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    don't worry it will be alright.
    watch this video explaining why
    🎥 https://youtu.be/DMpdPrm6Ul4
    John Cleese on creativity
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    Wow that is an amazing video, going to share with my boss, maybe I won't get interrupted every five minutes on skype asking some ridiculously easy question.

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Been there, don't fret it. I'm working on an original software suite for my research group, and I rewrite most of my new features 3 or more times because I'm never satisfied with the way it ended up getting implemented. That just means it gets better every time - everyone goes through that :)
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    The problem is the time crunch I am under, I have to have it finished by monday.

    My boss already thinks its ready to deploy, then I ran into something there was no way to fix in its current iteration.

    So now I get to work my weekend.
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    Rewrite is complete. And it works. Time to enjoy the last few hours of my weekend.

    Really they need to up my pay. But not sure how to go about asking.
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